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Implementing  Strategy 



To be prepared [for war] is the most effective means of preserving peace.

George Washington



  • Scanning your business practices for political and social risks

  • Anticipating and preparing for potential crises

  • Techniques for successfully solving problems in high-pressure crisis situations

  •  Developing strategies for managing stakeholders, public opinion, media relations, and public officials

  • Integrating your crisis management approach into your overall business strategy

Program Overview

It happened to Coke, Cadbury, Pepsi, Parle even the IIMs. Can you be next ?

 In today's business world, companies increasingly find themselves as the targets of aggressive legal action, media coverage and social pressure. The speed with which information spreads can turn what originally were challenges into crisis situations. Managing such situations demands swift and decisive action. Organizations must be prepared to anticipate, recognize and manage rapidly changing strategic environments.

 Effective management of crisis situations offers tremendous opportunities. Properly responding to opportunities is every bit as important as minimizing threats. The objective of this program is to prepare you to successfully handle crisis situations characterized by complex decision environments, time-pressure, high stakes, unanticipated events, and information overload.

Format and Learning Environment


During this program we will challenge the prevailing view of crises as mere public relations or communications issues. A rich set of case studies and crisis simulation exercises balance the theoretical and conceptual frameworks and help you improve your strategic thinking as well as your team management and communication skills in high-stress situations : 

  • The Strategic Nature of Crises

  • Anticipating Crises

  • Managing in the Crucible

  • Proactive Stakeholder Management

The Workshop will culminate in a half-day crisis management simulation and equip managers to anticipate crisis situations and the attendant social, legal, regulatory and political risks. You will leave with cutting-edge frameworks and tools to help you prepare for and manage crises effectively, turning challenges into opportunities.


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