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Using IT for Strategic Advantage



A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila

 Mitch Ratliffe




  • How to architect your organization around IT

  •  Frameworks for fitting IT into your business strategy

  • Strategies to improve customer intimacy using the Internet

  • Business models for strategic use of computing and e-commerce


Program Overview


         To use Information Technology competitively, your organization must embed IT within its structure, culture, and business strategy. Using IT for Strategic Advantage (UITSA) helps you understand how you can seize the vast opportunity presented when you do IT right. This program focuses on the use of technologies, such as the Internet and enterprise systems, to reshape organizations and enable new business strategies.


Format and Learning Environment


       UITSA will begin with a general overview of today's computer industry, identifying some of the forces that are changing the industry itself. We will then focus on the implications of these changes for you  .The program will then explore the following themes: 

  • The role of information technologies in today's company

  • Productivity from information technology

  • Assessing IT investments

  • Best Practices for using Information Systems

  • Data-Rich Supply Chain Management

  • IT Product Selection and Design

  • Distributed computing

  • Business uses of national and global networks, such as the Internet

  • Strategy for Companies in the Information Age

  • Organizational Architecture for the Information Age

  • Closing the Gap Between Suppliers and Users of IT

  • Marketing on the Internet : Lessons from Winners and Losers

  • E-Commerce Success Factors

Who Should Attend


        All leaders who are guiding the Information Technology policy of their company, CEOs, Chief Strategists, Presidents, and CFOs, together with leaders from the technical side including, Senior technology executives such as CIOs, Directors of Information Systems, and Chief Technology Officers will benefit from this workshop. This program will also add considerable value to executives leading major strategic initiatives within their companies.

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