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Profiting From Knowledge:  Planning, Decision-Making and Implementation Tools



A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.

Carlos Castaneda




  • How to Unleash the strength of your interpersonal style. 

  • Increase your influence with peers and direct reports. 

  • Create value out of conflicts in your work groups.

  • Apply proven interpersonal modules for leading groups.

  • Build upon your communication skills.


Program Overview


          Profiting from Knowledge: Planning, Decision-making and Implementation Tools offers leaders a unique, comprehensive look at leveraging knowledge as a core competency. The program explains substantially how knowledge works in organizations—then provides the tools, methods, and approaches by which organizations can take what they know and make it more efficient, effective, and innovative. Ultimately, the program prepares participants to help their organizations develop the knowledge edge essential to sustaining competitiveness.


Format and Learning Environment


        Incorporating interactive lectures, case studies, and group exercises,  Profiting from Knowledge:  Planning, Decision-making and Implementation Tools helps participants look at their own organisations and consider:

  • What they know and who knows it.

  • What they don't know but need to know.

  • What they should do with existing knowledge.

  • How they can build on those pockets of knowledge.

  • How they can transform employees into effective knowledge workers.

         This Anoova Consulting Executive Workshop also incorporates immeasurable wealth of real-world examples with discussions on how companies like Thermax, HLL, Infosys, NIIT, Satyam have gone about their KM journeys. The focus is on highlighting business and management issues, what kind of business problems can be solved, and how, with a Knowledge Management initiative.


Who Should Attend


        This offering is aimed at a broad mix of sophisticated practitioners who already are consciously managing knowledge, as well as line managers in knowledge-oriented functions who need to move up the knowledge learning curve. Because these domains cut across the organizational chart, participants are expected to represent a broad range of processes—from strategy and organizational development...to R&D, product development, and marketing...to information technology, operations, and customer service.

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