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Articles  by Mohit Malik of Anoova's  Leadership and Strategy Practice, originally published in Wide Angle, his monthly guest column in Businessworld, India's largest-selling business magazine. Read the articles  

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Scenario Development In Strategic Planning


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We help entrepreneurial leaders reinvent organizations and move to the next stage.

We  don't  tell  you  what  to  do. Instead,  work  with  you  to  help  you  define  your  goals and  develop a very practical plan for achieving it. Finally,  assist you  through  every  step of execution towards your goal. 


      We help established entrepreneur-led firms grow even more successfully.

       We work with ambitious, forward-looking entrepreneurs looking to move to the next stage, through helping them grow successfully using smart moves. Using brainpower, not money power.

       Anoova Consulting helps you formulate, plan and manage growth strategies, from concept to implementation. We assist you to create and execute very practical and innovative strategies.

     Entrepreneur-led firms ranging from publicly-listed companies, PE and VC funded firms, privately-held market leaders, to those led by the father-son duo working towards getting to that stage, have profited from our practical advice. Advice which focuses on helping you achieve what you want.

      Anoova, Sanskrit for ' Knowledge ', focuses on producing results for you by putting knowledge to practical and profitable use. More >>




Articles  by Mohit Malik of Anoova's Strategy and Leadership Practice, originally published in Wide Angle, his monthly guest column in Businessworld, India's largest-selling business magazine. 

Read the articles  

Knowledge partner for International Entrepreneurship Challenge


FMS LogoAnoova Consulting is a knowledge partner for the International Entrepreneurship Challenge (IEC) organized by the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi.  

This partnership involves evaluating all the submitted business plans, short-listing and mentoring the teams on improving these plans.

Other partners for this event are Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), The Sun Group and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).


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