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Implementing  Strategy 



A poor plan executed well is far better than a good plan executed poorly

Gen. George S. Patton




  • Defining the value proposition 

  • Distinguishing the company from its competitors 

  • Delivering value to customers 

  • Knowing when strategy or execution need to be changed - and how to make the right modifications

  • Inspiring and leading others in the organisation 

  •  Encouraging others to think strategically and long term

  •  Proactively setting and managing expectations

  • Generating feedback

  •  How to bring together external and internal communications so that healthy dialogue takes place with all constituents 

Program Overview

The devil, unfortunately, is in the details. Even a great strategic plan can be destroyed by poor implementation. The most carefully crafted strategies are meaningless unless expertly executed. Successful implementation requires an understanding of the "big picture," as well as all the sequential steps that lead to it.

 Implementing Strategy gives you a broad view of implementation and a thorough understanding of each piece of the implementation process. You will learn how to properly align corporate structure with corporate strategies and how to integrate strategy formulation and implementation by focusing on five core areas:

  • Strategy Implementation Model

Learn how to equip your organisation to adapt to change by developing a model of appropriate structures, objectives, controls, integration mechanisms, and incentives for implementing your strategy. 

  • Strategic Change
    Develop structures and tactics for implementing change by understanding the stages of implementation, forces for and against change, and ways to overcome resistance to change. 

  • Human Resources and Strategy Implementation
    Integrate HR policies with strategy implementation needs. 

  • Strategy and Structure
    Understand how strategy affects structure and how the choice of structure affects efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Incentives and Controls
    Discuss ways to motivate and control performance, including methods to achieve effective co-ordination.


You will gain a framework in which to effectively develop and execute your next strategic plan. With this wider overview of strategy, you will be better prepared to ask the right questions as you build and implement future strategies.


Format and Learning Environment

          Very few MBA courses address cross-functional issues related to implementation or the framework for thinking about implementation; this workshop is designed to fill that gap. You will get a broad perspective of overall strategy formulation and implementation. You will develop clear, measurable incentives and tie them directly to strategic performance.  

Who Should Attend

          Even managers with MBAs and many years of experience in formulating strategy can learn the finer aspects of putting strategy into action. Anyone moving into a position that will require strategic planning will also have the opportunity to consider the whole process of developing and implementing strategy. 

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