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Articles originally published in Wide Angle, the monthly guest column by Mohit Malik of Anoova's leadership and strategy practice in Businessworld, India's largest-selling business magazine.

»  New ArticleReinventing Innovation!  Four key  practices that can be holding you back from achieving your innovative potential  Read >>>  

»  A Working Plan! You can create a practical, 'fundable' business plan by following these two principles.  Read >>>  

 »  The Leader's Edge: Smart leaders use this tactic to move to a much higher level of performance  Read >>>  

»  The Winner's Game: The market is growing and you want to make the best of it. You draw up an ambitious plan to double turnover. What if the multi-million plan bombs? What if you end up with red on the balance sheet instead? Global giants like British Airways, GlaxoSmithKline, Bell Atlantic and Harley-Davidson have been successfully using a 200 year-old military technique to test strategies before launching them. Here’s how you can use it too. Read >>>  

 »  The number-one leadership myth   Available on Businessworld website (registration required).

 »  The Reflective Leader - Part II    How to become one.

 »  The Reflective CEO   The successful business warrior uses reflection as a means to know which battle is worth fighting. But most importantly, it helps him understand how the next war will be fought.

 »  Leading Strategically  A practical tool for making your organization future-ready. Available on Businessworld website (registration required). 

 »  A ‘satisficing’ solution   How to treat the cause, and not the symptoms while solving your organization's crises.  

 »  The Burden of Tradition  

 »  Thriving Without Paranoia

 »  How to make your 'Big Idea' work!

 »  Effective Strategy is Often Indirect     Sun Tzu is closer than you think!

 »  Why You Must Shoot the Messenger?

 »  The Practical Path to Leadership Success

This highly-appreciated e-book outlines techniques some of the world's most successful leaders use to get and stay that way. Read it and understand...

  • How to keep your team energized

  • What makes people loyal

  • Techniques you can use to differentiate yourself

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 »    Create the Future newsletter  is packed with practical tips on strategy formulation, implementation and leadership;  Provocative articles from professionals and case studies.



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Packed with practical tips on strategy formulation, implementation and leadership; provocative articles from professionals and case studies.

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