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Strategy: From Formulation to Implementation



No war should be begun until it is first determined what is to be achieved and how it will be conducted.

Carl von Clausewitz



  • How to integrate strategy formulation and implementation processes.

  • Ensuring that corporate structure is in alignment with current corporate strategies.

  • Increasing your organization's ability to adapt to change by providing appropriate structures, objectives, and incentives for implementing your strategy.

  • Assessing the demands that different strategies make on the organization and the investments they require. 

  • Understand how organizational culture affects implementation and how to manage change and conflict effectively.

Program Overview

Our experience has shown us that far too often there is a large gap between the goals and the end results achieved. Strategy: From Formulation to Implementation is a program we have developed in response to this observation.

 There is growing need to simultaneously address the mutually dependent aspects of a successful business strategy—formulation and implementation. Successful strategies rely on a judicious mix of analytical formulation, internal and external communication, and strong leadership. None of the elements in this trio can be left unattended, as doing so is a recipe for failure.

 Strategy: From Formulation to Implementation arms executives with insights and the perspective on integrating strategy formulation and implementation to create a sustainable value proposition for their organizations. By bringing together these two processes, the program enables them to focus not only on what their companies should do, but also on how they should do it.


Format and Learning Environment


          Participants work with the facilitators and a group of high-level peers to rethink their roles and gain a better understanding of what it means to be leaders in a strategic sense. Specifically, the workshop provides a comprehensive framework and an integrated perspective that encourages participants to take a holistic approach in addressing four key leadership concerns:

  • Crafting a sustainable value proposition to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace;

  • Integrating systems and processes to effectively execute strategy—and to make strategy a reality on a day-to-day basis;

  • Getting the human element involved to create an organization with distributed leadership; and

  • Communicating strategy to internal stakeholders, board members, and the external world, thereby mobilizing action and garnering support and resources for making tough, but necessary trade-offs.


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