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Articles  by Anoova's Strategy and Leadership Practice, originally published in Wide Angle, our monthly guest column in Businessworld, India's largest-selling business magazine. Read the articles  


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A highly regarded boutique management consulting firm based in India, we strongly believe that practical and innovative solutions are usually not the most complex or expensive ones. 

We help established entrepreneur-led firms grow even more successfully. 

We work with ambitious, forward-looking entrepreneurs looking to move to the next stage, through helping them grow successfully using smart moves. Using brainpower, not money power.

We have consulted for entrepreneur-led firms ranging from entrepreneur-led publicly-listed companies, PE and VC funded firms, privately-held market leaders, to those led by the father-son duo working towards getting to that stage.

We provide practical, implementable advice. Advice which generates immediate results.

The collective experience of our team spans the areas of strategy, marketing, technology, operations, leadership, organization development, knowledge management and finance.

   Read articles by Mohit Malik of Anoova's Strategy and Leadership practice, originally published in Wide Angle, our monthly guest column in Businessworld, India's largest-selling business magazine.

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            'The great end of knowledge is not knowledge, but action', is our guiding philosophy at Anoova Consulting. We focus on producing results for you by putting knowledge to practical and profitable use. 

 There are five tenets we observe rigorously and which govern our every action:

1.   To put client interests ahead of Firm interests.

2.   To serve the client in a superior manner.

3.   To adhere to high ethical standards in everything the Firm does.

4.   To preserve the confidence of clients.

5.   To be ready to differ with clients and tell them the truth even if it hurts.




          Our  mission is to assist you in achieving yours.  


           Ethics at Anoova


Q.      What does a consultant do when he sees the light at the end of the tunnel?

A.      Orders more tunnel.

How often is the above statement, humorous as it is, actually closer to the truth? 

 In many ways, this statement sums up many of the key issues surrounding professional services:

  •      Firstly, and most obviously, repeat business is good business. Perhaps there are other ways of ensuring repeat business, however, than the above suggests. We focus on those.  

  •     Often there are ethical issues in the provision of professional services. For us at Anoova Consulting the interest of the Client comes first, always and everytime.  




We refer to our approach as Guerrilla ConsultingTM :

  • Just as the Guerrilla flourishes on frugality, we devise practical plans that use the least resources. We use brainpower and not moneypower to accomplish results.  

  • Does the Guerrilla welcome change ? He thrives on it. We help you devise practical approaches for creating value for your business and the steps required to turn your organization into an agile and nimble and change embracing Guerrilla EnterpriseTM.

  • Is there a way for turning your competitor's size into an advantage for you ? If your fiercest opponent is gaining momentum in the marketplace. How can you turn that momentum against him? Your arch-rival keeps beating you to the punch, cutting into your business with superior speed. What can you do to flip the situation around and win back your customers ?

     Our Guerrilla ConsultingTM approach aids in crafting the solution which gives you the advantage. Our focus is on big ideas and Guerrilla tactics. Guerrilla ConsultingTM is meant to help you grow your business with a minimum of expenses & a maximum of smart moves. It increases solution effectiveness, permits faster project completion, and reduces engagement risk.

We partner with you to make a significant contribution to your competitiveness and profitability. 

For us at Anoova, your bottomline, is the bottomline. You pay us for results, not fancy suits. 

Our aim is to provide you with solutions that help you grow, save, thrive.  


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